Reebok Dynamax® Ball

Reebok Dynamax® Ball

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I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to spice up my personal training sessions and group classes. I also like to get a lot of bang for my buck when it comes to the kit I use. For me, equipment has to be extremely versatile as well as allowing me to be super creative with it, so I decided to give the Reebok Dynamax® Ball a whirl and put it to the test, not just with my clients but in my own training sessions too.

Its first airing came in my group PT programme, Real Results Club, where I used it as part of a circuit. I started my members off with some wall throws and partner sit ups, throwing and catching the ball, and it was very well received. As experienced exercisers, my members know what they like and what they don’t and it’s safe to say the Reebok Dynamax® Ball is here to stay, with the introduction of more complex exercises as the weeks have gone by.

Next up it faced the challenge of my PT clients, with the first client to tackle it picking it up and remarking at how light it was (I have the 4kg version). I could tell by her face that she was thinking ‘Hmm I think this is a little light!’, however 45 minutes and 592 calories later she was more than at little surprised at how much we had managed to achieve in the session. Not just the calories burned but the number of different exercises we’d done – and most importantly how tough a 4kg ball can be!

It was an instant hit, and enabled me to work on many aspects of my client’s development, from cardiovascular fitness and resistance training to co-ordination and motor skills.

Aside from the physiological gains my clients achieved by using this very cool looking piece of kit, it also gets a major thumbs up for transportability, as its easy to take from client to class and back again. It takes up very little room in the car and is effortless to carry from the car to the outdoor venue settings I use such as the beach and park.

Then it came to the third and final test…my own workouts. Would the ball help me exercise and entertain me enough (I can be a pretty tough customer) and the answer…yes it can! The biggest winner for me is the fact that because I’m focused on the ball, the skills and the movements I’m performing, I forget that it really elevates my heart rate, helping me to achieve a brilliant full body workout.

My favourite workout format is doing an 8 exercise circuit, performing each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between. I take up to 60 seconds to recover at the end of the circuit and complete the circuit in full 4 times through.

Yesterday I used the following exercises to create my workout…

High Knee March 



Burpee and Throw (alternating the position of my arms from wide to overhead on the throw)


burpee-and-throw-1 burpee-and-throw-2

Lunge, Twist and Bounce



Rainbow Drops



Sit Up & Twist


sit-up-and-twist-1 sit-up-and-twist-2

Low to High Jacks


low-to-high-jacks-1 low-to-high-jacks-2

Kneel, Bounce, Stand & Throw


kneel-bounce-stand-and-throw-1 kneel-bounce-stand-and-throw-2

Around the world


around-the-world-1 around-the-world-2
And here are some of my favourite exercises to try at home.

So whether you work in fitness and want to add variety and a multitude of new exercises to your programming tool box, or simply want to use a versatile, fun and results driven piece of kit in your home workouts, you need a Reebok Dynamax® Ball in your life!

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