Cancellation Policy

Thank you for choosing me as your personal trainer. I’m excited to have you onboard, and I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

I’m delighted with how my business has grown over the years, and therefore, the demand for sessions has increased.

With this in mind, I would be grateful if you could fully support the below conditions:

  • 24-hour cancellation policy – if a client cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice, it means I don’t have enough time to notify another client and replace the session.

When cancelling an appointment, the client is required to provide MORE than 24-hours notice, for which no additional levy shall be incurred. However, if the client cancels a session LESS than 24 hours to the scheduled time, they shall be charged in full for that training session, while the trainer will utilise that time to work on the client’s fitness programme. The client understands that they are entitled to a one-time cancellation fee waiver, whereby they can cancel a session in less than 24-hours, at no additional charge.

Should the trainer cancel a session with less than 24-hour prior notice, the client shall be entitled to one free session upon rescheduling. The client understands that the free session must be redeemed within 7 days of cancelling the previous one or shall be forfeited. Should the trainer cancel a session with MORE than 24-hour notice, the client shall be entitled to no free session, but the training session shall be rescheduled within 7 days to ensure consistency and progress in the client’s fitness program​me.

  • If you are going away (holiday, travelling with work, etc.), please aim to give me at least two weeks notice where possible.
  • All payments for sessions are to be made upfront.
  • Please turn up to sessions on time.
  • All sessions for a pre booked block are to be taken within the given time plus 2 weeks. For example if a 6 week block of sessions is booked, they must be taken within 8 weeks.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of these points.

My aim is to provide the best level of service possible to all clients.

Kind regards,