Personal Training

    Workout with national award winning personal trainer, Katie Bulmer-Cooke and receive a full, personalised, progressive plan, including goal-driven programmes, assessment, nutrition guidance and support to help you achieve YOUR goal. Personal training is often the most effective way to achieve your goal but most importantly, maintain it once you’ve got there.

    Katie specialises in helping really busy people achieve their health and fitness goals.

    For more information on in-person PT and online coaching, contact Katie using the What’s App icon or email [email protected].

    ‘I’ve been there! After having two children, I understand that finding time for workouts isn’t always easy and how important it is to find a routine and personalised plan that works for you.

    I’ve lost over 3 stone, twice…and I love helping others achieve their health and fitness goals too.

    I’ll be there to support you, in your corner, every step of the way.’

    Top 10 Global Personal Trainers to Watch
    Named in Top Sante’s Hottest Health Gurus
    UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012
    UK Fitness Professional of the Year 2013

    ‘I specialise in helping really busy people fit exercise and positive lifestyle changes into their everyday lives, and I love to see them fall in love with fitness.’


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    When it comes to working with me, personal training really is personal, so I always advise having a chat first so that I can find out more about your lifestyle, commitments and goals to enable me to give you the best advice and find out if PT is going to be the best option for you.

    To arrange a call and receive my full PT package info pack please click the Whats App button on the homepage.