I’m A Chatty Lass!

I’m A Chatty Lass!

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So we are all psyching up for Christmas and all the festivities…but then, what after that…dreaded January and a little doom, gloom and anti-climax…Not this year!

I’ve just finished filming my brand new talk show, Chatty Lasses, which airs in January.


It’s packed with death, opinions, girly chat and expert advice.

It has been the most fun to create and film and I can’t believe that my idea and concept has become a reality.



Each week I’m joined by my fabulous co-hosts Lisa and Suzanne and a special guest relevant to the topic of discussion…and boy do we have some discussions…some funny and some serious!

I’ve done everything from laugh my socks off to get on my soap box.


In the first 6 episode series we’ll be covering everything from weddings and child birth too business and beauty.

As much as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the research and production process I have to say I was nervous about the presenting aspect….

Despite having presented my own health and fitness show, Total Tone Up, I still had butterflies as this show takes on a whole new format. There is no script, no re-takes and its up to me to prompt the debates and discussions and rein it in if needs be. But if you follow me regularly, you’ll know I’m a big believer in getting outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself…and I certainly have done that.


I’m so excited for everyone to see the show-I’m really proud of what we’ve created.

You can catch the show on Made TV (Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159) in January (follow me on social media for exact times when they are released).


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