How Exercise Has Changed My Life

How Exercise Has Changed My Life

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How exercise has changed my life – A Guest Blog by Louise Sharp

exercise changed my life

May 2015 I decided to do something amazing.

Something brave, something which took courage,
something which took some persuasion from my husband, something I never envisaged myselfdoing, and something which has turned me into the person I never thought I’d be.Something which would drag me out of a deep, dark, crippling depression, help me reign in my often

irrational anxiety, give me confidence, boost my self-esteem and self-worth, and say goodbye to that

shy girl, with zero self-esteem, who would avoid social situations and panic when faced with a

situation which required social interaction.

A person who wanted to live in a bubble, and hide away

from the world.

I know you’ll be wondering at this point what it is that I did to completely turn my life around? Take

a massive financial gamble and I’m now a millionairess, sat in the blazing sun in my luxurious

Caribbean Crib as I type this? Land myself some high flying job? Sell all my worldly possessions and

embark on a backpacking adventure?

The answer is non of those. I didn’t do anything which would typically project me from a mundane

life to living the dream. I simply went along to an exercise class.

I saw a class advertised on Facebook, went along the following night after a lot of persuasion from

my husband, paid £4, and worked out for an hour. I went again the following week and almost a year

and a half on, my life has gradually changed forever.

It was a Clubbercise class. A dance workout class perfect for ladies, like me, who haven’t been along

to any classes before because they feel a little self-conscious, as it is taught in a darkened room.

With disco lights, glow sticks, and to club classics.

How exercise has changed my life - A Guest Blog by Louise Sharp

Over the months I could feel my confidence gradually begin to grow. I’d find myself really making the

effort to talk to other ladies in the class (which wasn’t easy for me, thanks to that nagging anxiety

telling me nobody is interested in my boring banter).

After about two months I decided to go to the Thursday class. Then I decided to really go for it, and

stay for the second hour. Then I realised that lazy Sundays were a waste, so I spend them raving too.

But it isn’t just Clubbercise I have in my life. I went on to train with a PT, then found I felt brave

enough to join the local gym, where I now go 2-3 mornings a week.

I’ve also just recently took up Kettlecise, which I do once a week. Infact I went straight from Kettles

to Clubbercise last night. I figured there was a class not too far away, so why not go along for a quick


But one of the best things which has come out of this lifestyle change and the decision to try

something new, is the friends I have made. We don’t just see each other during class, but after

discovering our love for the occasional Prosecco, we see each other outside class too. I’ve truly

made friends for life.

So you’ll probably assume I’m super slim? I’m not. I don’t have a perfectly tight flat stomach, or killer

abs, or the perfect behind. I’m not aiming for any of those. Although I do eat a healthy diet, I still like

to enjoy a big bar of chocolate and find it hard to say no to a piece of cake. But what I am, is strong.

I’m a the person I have always wanted to be And through exercise, I’ll continue to push myself, and

I’m confident that this person is here to stay.

Exercise changed my Life!


Louise Sharp

Instagram @loualexaa

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