8 Reasons Why I Love The Airex Balance Beam

8 Reasons Why I Love The Airex Balance Beam

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I love trying out new pieces of fitness kit, pushing them to their limits and creating lots of fun and results-driven exercises for me and my clients.

Recently I’ve been placing extra focus on my core strength, stability and flexibility, so I thought I’d add an Airex Balance Beam from Physical Company to my collection to help me.

Having tried it out a little while back in a taster class I knew it had stacks of potential to be super versatile (and easy to fit into the back of my Mini Clubman, so that I can take it to the gym or my client’s homes!).

I’ve literally spent hours on it, coming up with movement patterns and adapting existing exercises to incorporate the beam (some of which you’ll see in the video on my Facebook Page), and here is exactly why I’m a big fan…

1. You can use it outdoors, and it wipes down easily, making it perfect for outdoor sessions and garden workouts. Oh and it bends so ace for storage and transporting it!

2. You can use it with a whole spectrum of clients, from beginners to advanced. Simply standing on it engages to core and works on ankle, knee and foot stability.

3. I honestly think I will never run out of exercise variations on it. You can stand, kneel, lie and place your hands on it, and you can use it narrow or wide side down.

4. It makes stability training fun. Many clients want to skip the ‘low-level’ or ‘foundation’ stuff and get straight onto big lifts etc, but this piece of kit has really held their attention and made them want to do more of the really important stuff.

5. You use it in bare feet or wearing socks…this is one of my favourite ways to train.

6. Having used it myself for a few weeks, I’ve already seen improvements in my core and my ankle stability.

7. You can incorporate it into circuit training, 1:1 sessions or small group PT…giving you more bang for you buck.

8. Speaking of price, it doesn’t break the bank either (and there is a cheeky 15% off until September)…CLICK HERE to check it out!

9. I know I said I’d list 8 things, but I couldn’t resist saying that it also feels like you’re walking on air!

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