The Fit, Healthy, Happy Plan

The Fit, Healthy, Happy Plan

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I’ve spent the last 3 years behind the camera designing and working on plans for celebrities and sports personalities and now I’m bringing all of my best strategies together.

This plan is all about daily habit forming so that long after the 4-week plan finishes the habits are there to stay with you.

The plan isn’t about overhauling and changing everything about your life in the first few days, it’s about small, regular and consistent changes that bring big results. You won’t be bombarded with info and then have to raid specialist health food shops for fancy ingredients.

The plan is broken down into easy to follow steps and you can buy everything you need from you local shop and the workouts can be done anywhere (home, gym etc)…all you need is a set of dumbbells.

If you’re a busy person who wants to make getting results and maintaining them easy then you will love this plan.

The plan is broken down day by day, and is really simple to follow. Each day all you need to do is log in and click on the day of the plan you’re up to and follow what’s on the screen.

I’ll be there with you coaching you through every workout you do in real time too…and all workouts never take longer than 30 minutes.

The plan includes:

  • Day by day plan
  • 4 x Bodyweight Boxing Fitness workouts
  • 4 x Let’s Lift workouts
  • Power Pilates workout
  • Access to Katie’s recorded Zoom workouts including workouts to help you get your steps up, core workouts, and chilled out stretch
  • Warm Up
  • Cool Down
  • Healthy Habits Handbook
  • How to take your measurements and track your progress
  • Goal setting step by step
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Support and advice whenever you need it via Whats App
  • Daily Checklists to help you form healthy habits that last
  • Daily videos to help you stay motivated, educated and on track
  • Healthy Recipe E-Book (including breakfasts, Tupperware-friendly lunches, main meals and sweet treats, all complete with macro nutrient info)

It’s the best plan I’ve ever made…and the results are fantastic.

If you want more energy, want to be fitter, stronger, reduce body fat, feel in control of your health and fitness and be healthier inside and out, sign up and let’s get you started.

from only £59.00
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The Fit, Healthy, Happy Plan

The Fit, Healthy, Happy Plan