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“Within 2 weeks I had lost 4 inches and 1.1% body fat. I couldn’t believe the results!!
‘I found Katie’s contact details at my local gym. I’d just spent 2 hours of my Sunday morning in the gym, and was feeling exhausted and fed up! Having already lost a substantial amount of weight, I was constantly trying to get the last 20 or so lbs off and, sculpt my shape. Unfortunately, all my hard work was not paying off and I was beginning to feel that my work outs were a punishment rather than enjoyable.

So, in a last ditch attempt to find that miracle cure!! I emailed Katie. She rang me later that day and was so approachable and friendly, she made me feel at ease about what was to come.

We met the following week and, I instantly felt confident that my money was well spent. Katie gave me a healthy eating plan that meant that I could eat delicious food and feel no guilt. She advised me about supplements, measured me, took my body fat percentage and, gave me an exercise program that was personalised to meet my needs and help me to achieve my goals..

Within 2 weeks I had lost 4 inches and 1.1% body fat. I couldn’t believe the results!!

I’m now in my 7 th week of training with Katie and Ive been so impressed that Ive just decided to do another 9 weeks! I look and feel fabulous, to date I’ve lost 10 inches and 3.2% body fat, I have curves in all the right places and I no longer have those dreaded ‘bingo wings’ that we all hate so much!!

I now look forward to my work outs, I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt. Katie makes even a challenging work out seem fun and you know that she is always there cheering you on, whether you are working out with her or on your own.

Training with Katie is an investment in you, if you are committed to changing your shape health and fitness, its the best money you’ll ever spend. And hey girls, like L’oreal, we are worth it!!!”

Out with the faddy diets and in with educating yourself how to eat properly and change your lifestyle for the better. Getting in shape is a way of life and through some simple exercise and a straight-forward meal plan, I can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.
These are real women with real results – that last!
Get in touch with me to transform yourself and be the happier, healthier you that I know you’ve got in you!
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