Danielle – The Weight Loss Story

Danielle – The Weight Loss Story

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“Well, training with Katie – where do I start??!! I knew Katie as I used to do her classes, when I was literally half the size I was at the beginning of this programme. I was as fit as a fiddle, gym every day etc, but then I got pregnant and it all sort of fell apart. I had just about every pregnancy illness in the book, and went from exercising every day, to doing nothing at all. I lost weight during my pregnancy, and after giving birth to a small toddler (9lb 12oz and 2 feet long!) I weighed less than I did before I became pregnant. I’d felt so poorly when I was pregnant, that afterwards I just stuffed my face with literally everything in sight – honestly I was like a human Dyson! So it all added up and totalled 5st in weight gain. Vile! It was really getting to me – clothes didn’t fit, no energy, bad skin etc. I tried running and walking briskly but honestly, my arse was just so huge it was hitting the pavement before my feet! The biggest problem was diet, so I tried Slimming World (too much pasta – made me feel rank), Weight Watchers (too tempting to use the points on wine – a liquid diet does not a healthy person make!) and speaking of liquid diets I tried Celebrity Slim – STARVATION is not the word. And, it seemed to take forever to get results –half a pound a week?! Not exactly inspiring.

So, I saw Katie’s details online, I knew straight away she would do the business so I emailed her, and we started the following week. Katie went over the diet and exercise plan, and gave me everything I needed to get started. This included a very choice drink supplement – but I’ll let you find that one out for yourself!! The first couple of weeks weren’t exactly easy, but Katie is so class and supportive that you just need to picture how sad her little face will be if you eat some chocolate and that will put you off! I properly love my grub and I can pouch for England, but now I really don’t fancy junk food anymore, and I’m never hungry. It’s not faddy, it’s just good, clean healthy food. And the training is a sinch to fit in, I still work 30 hours a week and have my baby/house/boyfriend to look after, but it never takes more than 40-45 mins, and you never have to leave the house.

I didn’t do the programme for the full 9 weeks, as Katie is having her lovely baby, so I did the programme in 5 weeks instead. And in 5 weeks I lost 1st 8lbs in weight, 23 inches (and as I informed Katie this morning, that’s like, shit loads – over half a metre) , and 5% body fat. I’ve dropped two dress sizes on my top half and one on my bottom half. Not to be sniffed at. And even though I’ve still got a long way to go, I can’t tell you how much better I feel about myself. Even my skin looks better and my nails grow like wild fire!

Although I knew how good she was, I would never ever have believed how quickly I would get results. And it’s the results that keep you motivated – this is the first diet/exercise programme I’ve ever done where I’ve not once felt like giving in. I dunno whether it’s the results, or Katie – or a combination of both, but it’s the best I’ve felt about myself in such a long time.

I can’t recommend Katie highly enough – she is an absolute legend. If you give her 110%, she’ll give you 1010% in return. Yes, you have to be prepared to put some graft in, and yes, you realise that when it comes to training with Katie it’s like that army advert off the telly – “99.9% need not apply” – for such a tiny pint-sized person she’s a right slave driver! And although it’s hard work, we have such good crack that even when my arms are down to my ankles from all the weights she insists on piling on them I can still manage a small, forced-through-gritted teeth smile! If you’re thinking about doing this programme please, please, please give it a try –it really honestly does work and not only will Katie get you to where you want to be, but she’ll get you there faster than anyone else can. Oh – and go and get a tape measure now and measure out 23 inches – see – it’s proper loads!! And think on, all I did was do exactly what Katie told me to do, so if you do the same that could be you in 5 weeks time.”


Out with the faddy diets and in with educating yourself how to eat properly and change your lifestyle for the better. Getting in shape is a way of life and through some simple exercise and a straight-forward meal plan, I can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.
These are real women with real results – that last!
Get in touch with me to transform yourself and be the happier, healthier you that I know you’ve got in you!
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