Who Made Body Shaming A Thing Anyway?

Who Made Body Shaming A Thing Anyway?

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I watched X Factor this week, and as I usually do when I’m watching a reality show, I had a little scroll through Twitter, reading the comments and opinions Twitter users were making about the show and those auditioning and I was pretty shocked to see that it wasn’t just their singing that was being judged…

….It was their appearance too!

And it didn’t stop there, not only were those auditioning being judged from every angle, so were the judges!

There was everything from ‘Cheryl is too skinny’ to ‘Rita’s arms wobble when she claps’.

For goodness sake, when are people gonna quit it with this judgemental and damn rude commentary?

So what if Cheryl is really thin and so what if someone else is really curvy…maybe they are happy the way they are…that’s OK and it certainly isn’t anyone else’s business!


Health comes in lots of shapes, sizes and weights and we all have different genetics…and it’s about time we were all left to be the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves that we can be without someone else ‘body shaming’ us. (By the way I don’t know who came up with the phrase ‘body shaming’ but I think it’s pants and it’s just a more acceptable way of saying one person is being a meanie to another person).


1. Be the happiest and healthiest YOU can be!

2. Stop judging others and in the process judging yourself against others (it’s cool to be YOU!)


Here are 2 of my top body confidence strategies….

1. Every morning, when you get dressed look in the mirror and find one thing that you like about your body and say to yourself, for example, ‘My legs look good today!’

2. When someone gives you a compliment, don’t deflect it. Realise that you earned it and simply reply with ‘thank you’.

Let’s build each other up, not knock each other down #girlpower!

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