To Supplement or Not To Supplement?

To Supplement or Not To Supplement?

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It’s a complete minefield…the world of supplementation is both vast and conflicting.

What should you take?

How much should you take?

When is the best time to take it?

Or should you even take them in the first place?

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The answers to all of these questions and more depend on many factors…so it’s no wonder so many people are confused!

So I’m going to make it simple, with my 7 step guide to supplements…

1. A supplement is not designed to counteract a bad diet or to replace a natural food source or a meal. A supplement is exactly as it’s name states…it is intended to supplement a good diet. So, if you’ve been taking your multi vitamin in the hope that it will cancel out the processed food you’ve been consuming then I’m sorry to say you’ve been wasting your time and money. Start with the basics; fuelling your body with good great nutrients from good quality meat/fish, vegetables, some fruit and plenty of water THEN you can look at adding a supplement into the mix.

2. The type of supplement you take will depend on your goal, for example, someone training to compete as a body builder will opt for different supplements to someone simply looking to be fitter and healthier. So, before you decide on what to take (if any) it’s important that you know EXACTLY what you want to achieve.

If like me, your goal is to be fit for life and have a healthy body fat percentage and simply enjoy good all round health then you could opt for a good multi vitamin, omega 3 and perhaps some magnesium to aid recovery if you’re training intensely. In the winter, some vitamin D may be beneficial too. Recently I tried a great greens powder too, and added it to my morning Nutri Bullet shake.


3. The quality of the supplement is very important, and in the world of supplements you get what you pay for. If you decide to give them a whirl it’s definitely worth spending a little more wonga to ensure you get a high quality product.

4. It’s good to take a break every now and then and cycle your supplements too. Go for a minimum dose response…starting with a small amount of one supplement, gradually increasing the amount you take then gradually reducing the quantity before taking a short break and perhaps introducing a new one (remember to always adhere to the manufacturers guidelines too). There may be times when you benefit from some supplements more than others at certain times of the year. For example, during the winter months when we aren’t exposed to as much sunlight, you may benefit from some Vitamin D. Remember that supplementation is personal!


5. So, which brands would I recommend, if you are gonna give supplements a whirl (I promise I’m not on commission)…

  • Mattsupps
  • Aliment Nutrition
  • Viridian

6. If in doubt, speak to a professional (not a sales rep)!

7. Remember…you can take them if you want to…but you don’t have to…it’s YOUR body, they are YOUR goals and it is YOUR choice!

I hope this blog clears up a few questions! I’m really keen to hear your thoughts… tweet me @KatieBulmer1.

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