The Sunderland Social Influencer

The Sunderland Social Influencer

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The Sunderland Social Influencer that’s confident she can take your brand and spread your news, all through the power of social media.

After growing several businesses of her own using social media and influence, fitness entrepreneur Katie, decided it was time to help other businesses enjoy the growth and rewards that can be achieved using social influence and effective social media marketing.

If you want to improve brand presence, social reach and interaction and productivity, plus more media exposure, then you need Katie Bulmer-Cooke Social Influence in your business. We can deliver everything from one-off campaigns and workshops to full social media account management.

Sunderland social influencer

We can help your business…

Grow fans, followers and social connections
Convert social followers into paying customers
Ensure that social media provides excellent return on investment and trackable results
Create engaging content for your social platforms
Connect with relevant social influencers to create authentic advocacy of your business to their following
Generate new customer leads
Gain exposure in the media

We specialise in Social Influencer Marketing…

Social Influencer marketing is having someone you know, like and trust tell you about something cool. Maybe it’s a product, place to visit or a service. Whatever it may be, you listen to that person, and because you know, like and trust them, you are highly likely to give their recommendation a try. It’s taking word of mouth marketing to the next level and on a giant scale.

Social influencers can share marketing messages with their extremely well engaged following, who listen and interact with that message just like you would if a friend told you about a product or service they loved face-to-face. You trust your friend and the level of trust between influencers and their followers is no different…it is extremely powerful and highly influential, and has such a massive reach, that it simply can’t be ignored.

We can set up and manage the relationship between your business and highly relevant social influencers, whose following fits perfectly with your customer demographic.

sunderland social influencer

Every business is unique and therefore has individual needs, so why not book a call with Katie to find out how we can help you and your business from as little as £149… but before you do, here’s what our customers have to say…

‘Hiya Katie,

I’ve put together a few stats for you to take a look at and they make for some incredible reading.

I knew we were busier than I could remember it ever being in a January, but I’ve managed to work out, from the figures I record weekly, that across the classes alone we’ve had a 46% increase in attendance for the month. Plenty of new faces as well not just old customers returning.
In the gym there’s been an increase again. Maybe not to the level of the classes but certainly a 15-20% increase in foot fall.

I can only put this down to our Facebook page and our workshop the social media we had. It simply can’t be coincidence and again these stats for the last 4 weeks from the insights on our page back it up…

77,205 people reached – 751% increase
21,000 post engagements – 633% increase
102 new page likes – 437% increase
13,691 video views – to 41,388 (that’s not a typo it is 41K)

We are amazed by these figures and couldn’t be happier.

Previous to our meeting we maybe popped a couple of posts a day out at random times reaching at most 300 people a day. Content was all over, engagements were next to zero, basically our page was for people to book classes through. Now we are reaching around 3000 a day minimum, some days closer to 10,000 with some individual posts reaching 6000 people alone. I’m responding to 10-20 enquiries a day at the minute.

All in all we are 100% pleased with what you did for us and how helpful you and the advice has been. We’ll be taking all we’ve learnt forward with our two new ventures and long may it continue.’

Justin Keegan, Jupiter Health Club

‘Hi Katie,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how thrilled we are with your involvement with our social media for the salon. I am so busy and had never given this area enough time, I simply cannot believe the difference a month of professional involvement has made to our social presence.

The figures are amazing…
Page Views increased by 289%
Actions on Page increased by 633%
Reach increased by 530%
Post Engagements increased by 365%
Video Views increased by 5.554%

We have had such great feedback from our clients who are loving our new presence and requesting new experiences as a direct result of the marketing campaign. It’s lovely to work with such a motivational person and not meeting some corporate face where you know you are just a number. Looking forward to developing our brand further with you.’

Nicola Wood, Kitui Hair Design

‘Hi Katie

I thought I would drop you a line following my day of training with you.

Thank you for being so patient with me as I am totally technologically challenged. One to one training was definitely the best option for me so I could go through it as slowly as I needed. You have a way of breaking things down so that it is actually quite simple and not as “scary” as I had built it up to be in my head.

Happy to share ideas and give me general business advise around pricing etc as well.
I must admit I am actually blown away from the way things have changed in the 5 days since training.

The Facebook page has received 15 (yes 15!) new likes and even shares from (random) people.
The ad you helped me place is doing well and the programme it is promoting is already half full (one place being a total random/non member) and hasn’t even cost me much money.
I had someone on a free taster on Friday and she has returned. Generally if they attend a second session then they do sign up.

I have 2 people signed up for free trials tonight and also a meeting with someone else who will be starting next month (together with a friend).

Katie I can’t begin to tell you the difference in these few days. I feel really positive about things. The interaction on Facebook and Instagram has dramatically increased, which itself builds my confidence.

I still have loads of stuff that I need to implement from the training and I have no doubt as I do this then I will continue to see results and improvements around my social media interaction.

I will continue to keep you updated.
Absolutely worth the outlay and time to be able to start moving my business forward.
Thank you so much!!!!!’

Sarah Dobson, Operation Fitness

‘Myself and Jennie from Club Zest Ladies Leisure did Katie Bulmer-Cooke’s social media workshop last week. It was absolutely brilliant! We learnt so much about marketing with social media that I had no idea of before. She broke everything down for us so it was easy to understand. She gave us a step by step guide on how to build adverts and get right into where we want our adverts to be seen and more importantly by who! We are so excited now to put this into practice and push our business forward. This is a must for any business who wants to propel themselves into the social media world! Thanks so much Katie!’

Holly Donaldson & Jennie Moyse, Club Zest Ladies Leisure

Email Katie at [email protected] to book your call.

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Katie Bulmer Cooke


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