I Don’t Want To Be ‘Beach Body Ready’

I Don’t Want To Be ‘Beach Body Ready’

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It’s hit the headlines this week, had countless shares on social media and even been de-faced on the London Underground.

Protein World’s new summer campaign has caused quite a stir, and sadly it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Could the back lash faced by the bold advertisement be a sign of a shift in what we find acceptable…are we about to start searching for a new kind of health and fitness role model?


For me the problem in this billboard doesn’t lie in the question being asked. Nor does it lie in the product being sold (even though it’s not something I would advocate…each to their own). In fact, I don’t even have a problem with the fact they have chosen a young, hot girl who is in great shape, to front the campaign (after all, they weren’t going to use someone who was overweight for a campaign of this nature- they are marketeers!). What I take issue with is the fact that they have used a girl who isn’t real, in fact she’s a fake…this girl doesn’t really exist, she doesn’t actually look like this…she’s a product of Photo Shop!

Is it any wonder that us girls beat ourselves up about how we look, when we are comparing ourselves to fictional bodies…of course we will never match up to these women!

So let’s step out of this world of fictional perfection and let’s get real…

1. Stop comparing yourself to images of make-believe people. This includes every photograph you see on a billboard or in a magazine…they are ALL edited!

2. Be the best version of yourself you can be. Compare the body you live in now, to the body you used to live in…not someone else’s body.

3. If you really want to have a fitness/figure role model choose someone you can actually see in the flesh and not someone you can only view in the media or on Instagram!

4. Embrace YOUR body and stop being mean to yourself…you are lovely! You workout, you eat and drink the right things, you deserve to be kind to yourself!

So, here is my real girls guide to being ‘beach body ready’…

1. Workout- challenging yourself every session

2. Stop drinking fizzy pop, alcohol and caffeine and start drinking water like it’s going out of fashion

3. Stop eating processed food and sugar and start fuelling your body properly with fresh veg, meat/fish and small amounts of fruit

4. Do points 1-3 consistently and not only will you see positive and healthy changes to your body, you’ll feel tons better too!

5. It’s OK to NOT have a ‘thigh gap’

6. It’s OK to be short…I’m 5’3 and proud

7. It’s OK to have stretch marks…where them with pride

8. Wear your bikini with confidence, pull your shoulders back, stand tall and work it sister!

9. Avoid thong back bikinis… I don’t care if you are a super model… these are not socially acceptable!

10. Don’t waste your life criticising yourself… life is waaaaay too short!

I’d love to hear your thoughts…tweet me @KatieBulmer1 using the #realgirl, share this blog on your social media platforms and together let’s keep it real!


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