Goodbye Post Workout Panda Eyes!

Goodbye Post Workout Panda Eyes!

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I have never been a fan of wearing make up in the gym, and have even less tolerance for those who put make up on to go to the gym! However, sometimes you find yourself at the gym on your way back from work, a meeting, whatever…and you already have your slap on.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m basically a big giant sweat-a-thon when I’m training. My hair looks like I’m fresh out of the shower, the backs of my knees sweat like crazy and I always get big panda eyes where my mascara wears off.

‘But Katie!’ I hear you cry… ‘why don’t you wear waterproof mascara, you crazy chick?’

I hate the stuff, it’s a pain to get off and I always end up pulling out a third of my eyelashes.

There must be a solution to this mascara crazy, sweat fest situation I find myself!

Here’s a ‘before’ pic of how pants my lashes usually look at the gym with zero makeup…

Is there something out there for me?!

Thank goodness there finally is…and it comes in the form of LVL Lashes…length, volume and lift!

Now I don’t like having my eyes touched or messed around with. I once got lash extensions and nearly had a melt down, so the thought of having a lash treatment didn’t fill me with enthusiasm at first, but I’d seen the results others had had so I was willing to give it a shot…beauty is pain and all that!

So off I went to The Powder Room in Washington, for an appointment with the lovely Kayleigh.


I’ll cut to the chase…I didn’t have a melt down this time…in fact, I dare say I could have fallen asleep it was that chilled out.I think the main reason for this was that Kayleigh really out me at ease. She informed me of every single step as we went through the treatment…a true professional in my opinion.

The treatment goes through several steps…

  • Removing your mascara, and any oils from the lashes
  • Adding a shield, which fits your eye (this basically keeps your lashes in place)
  • Applying lifting balms and keeping it on for 10 minutes
  • Applying volumising fix and leaving that on for 5 minutes
  • And finally applying tint and keeping that on for 5 minutes
  • All rounded off with some gentle lash combing and I literally had the perfect lashes!

The treatment took 45 minutes in total and the results last 6-8 weeks, and I haven’t worn mascara since I had them done…I don’t need to (so no more post workout panda eyes for me in the gym).

This morning when I training at 7am, I notice that I looked much more awake too…the magic of a good lash!

If you fancy giving the LVL treatment a try, I’d highly recommend The Powder Room.

Katie Bulmer Cooke

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