Crazy Talk, Biscuits and Deflecting Compliments?

Crazy Talk, Biscuits and Deflecting Compliments?

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‘You’ve gotta be in the zone’

‘Your head isn’t in it’

‘You need the right mindset’

Sound familar?

I’m sure we can all agree that in order to stick to a nutrition or exercise regime, we have to be in the zone and create the right mindset in order to realise our goal of having a healthy body!

For many, getting in the zone, comes in the form of almost flicking a switch in their head and with huge focus they declare ‘right, that’s it…I’m ON IT.’

Often this bold statement comes on the back of a weekend binge (see my previous blog, a photo you’ve been tagged in on social media that isn’t very flattering or something you’ve read/seen in the media. Whatever the driving reason, it doesn’t matter, you’re ready to make some positive, healthy changes and that’s what matters. [Now cue the flurry of positive Facebook statuses and info graphics of motivational quotes on Instagram!]

This is all very well, excellent in fact, but the key to long term success lies in being able to STAY ON IT and continuing to work on maintaining a healthy mindset.

So, here are my tops 3 tips to sustaining a healthy mindset and therefore a healthy body!

#1: Talk To Yourself (not in a crazy kinda way I promise)

Positive Self Talk is a technique used widely in the sporting arena to help keep athletes focused and on the optimum state of mind. It is conversing with yourself internally in order to create motivation and specific positive emotions and belief.

For example, while working out, we will often find our internal voice saying, ‘this is too hard, I can’t do anymore.’ When we hear these words, they become our belief, so in order to create a positive belief and therefore outcome, we must create positive self talk; telling ourselves that we can do one more repetition, we can walk an extra mile, we can survive without a fizzy drink!

Top Tip: Repeatedly tell yourself you CAN!

#2: Forgive, Move On, But Don’t Forget

We are all only human, no one is perfect, and there may be times when things go a little off track. If that does happen, it’s important not to give yourself a hard time, and feel like you’ve thrown away all of your progress. Instead, learn from the situation and ask how you could have done things differently, such as employing Positive Self Talk for example.

Then forgive yourself, don’t beat yourself up, it isn’t the end of the world! What matters now is what you do to turn things around and move on.

Just because you ate one biscuit doesn’t mean you have to eat the packet! Like wise, just because you had a treat for lunch doesn’t mean you have to go food crazy for the rest of the day!

#3: Stop Being A Compliment Deflector

Us women especially, are a nation of ‘compliment-deflectors’. We are given a compliment by a friend, such as, ‘you look like you’ve lost weight’, and what do we do? We fire straight back with ‘it’s because I’m wearing black’, or ‘I have but I’ve still got a long way to go’. We never accept the compliment and allow it to sink in.

Top Tip: When someone gives you a compliment, don’t deflect it. Realise that you earned it and simply reply with ‘thank you’.

When you stop deflecting about yourself, you start believing in yourself!

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