I Feel Sorry For…

I Feel Sorry For…

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I really feel for anyone starting out on a health and fitness programme these days.


Because it’s an industry, hobby and lifestyle choice that is jam packed with confusion and conflicting information.

We are bombarded with a huge range of messages from the media, online resources and our friends, meaning we either do nothing for fear of doing the wrong thing or we lose motivation due to lack of direction.

For me, the best results come from keeping it simple and not trying to overhaul your whole nutrition and exercise regime all in one go. You don’t always need to join a gym in order to achieve your goals, with a few key pieces of kit you can make an awful lot happen when it comes to being fitter and healthier.


I’m a big fan of using dumbbells in your workout.

They are really versatile, take up minimal space, are simple to use and an easy way to add load and therefore intensity to your workout…and intensity means results!

The Reebok ones are my fav (they’ve got a good range too) at http://www.reebokfitness.info/accessories/womens-training.html

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So, grab your dumbbells and give 3 of my favorite dumbbell exercises a try …


Exercise #1: Squat & Press

This full body exercise is great for elevating the heart rate and metabolism, while focusing on the legs, bum and shoulders. Start with your weights by your side and your feet just wider than your hips. Squat down then as you stand up press your arms above your head, into a shoulder press position.

Once your 40 seconds are up take a 10-20 second break.


Exercise #2: Side Lunge & Lateral Raise

Like the Squat & Press exercise this gets the heart beating faster and involves the muscles of the lower and upper body. Start with your weights by your side and feet together. Step out to the side, bending the leg that steps into a squat position and keeping the leg that stays in place straight, bringing the arms down either side of the leg. Then as you bring your feet back together, lift your arms out to the side, up to shoulder height.

Once your 40 seconds are up take a 10-20 second break.


Exercise #3: Bent Over Row

This exercise is ace for working the muscles of the upper back, which are difficult to target using body weight only exercises. Start with the feet a little wider than the hips, soften the knees and tip forward at the hips, keeping the back long. Pull the dumbbells wide and up towards the chest, letting the elbows come out wide and squeeze the shoulder blades together and always ensuring the back stays still.

Working out doesn’t have to be over complicated, you just need to ensure you’re lifting a weight that challenges you (the last few reps are really tough) and allows you to keep great form.


When it comes to nutrition, keeping it simple is the best option too….

Stick to unprocessed, natural foods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, full fat products, nuts and water and you won’t go far wrong. If you’ve picked up a few bad habits over the years work on one of them at a time. For example, if you don’t drink much water and instead opt for fizzy pop more frequently, make that your first goal. Get that right, and then move on to something else. If you try and juggle too many balls at one time, you’re always gonna drop them, and small wins are better than big fails!

The other key to getting started is having a solid goal. Not a flimsy one like I want to lose weight and tone up (if I had £1 for every time I’ve heard that I’d be a millionaire!), instead a specific, time constrained goal. For example, In 4 weeks time I will have lost 2cm’s from my waist or in 2 weeks time I will have completed 8 home workouts, each for at least 20 minutes. You have to be able to measure your success and its important to realistically challenge.

The bottom line to being successful at just getting started and staying on the right path is keeping it simple!


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