Should You Buy Followers/Likes on Instagram?

Should You Buy Followers/Likes on Instagram?

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I get it…you want to grow your profile quickly.

You want to have more followers than your competitors.

Maybe you’re chasing the dream of that elusive blue tick… and it seems like buying followers is a quick and easy solution.

While it will certainly elevate the number of followers you have and can be reasonably inexpensive, that’s where the benefits end, as buying followers can actually be extremely detrimental to your account. Here’s why…

1. You Become A Spammer
Third party Instagram Follower services often ask for access to your account and go on to send out tons of messages to your followers advertising their ways of growing people’s following. This will only serve to irritate people and also exposes your methods of growing your account.

2. Wave Goodbye To Your Social Reputation
Buying followers is seen as very uncool and to point, immoral. It looks decidedly dodgey and doesn’t help you on your mission to be seen as professional and trustworthy.

3. The Engagement Is Off!
When you buy followers, you aren’t getting people with a genuine interest in who you are and what you do, and as a result they are very unlikely to engage with you. Buying followers also means you are likely to end up being followed by a bunch of fake accounts…and you certainly won’t get any engagement from them.

In addition if you want to set up solid social collaborations/influence campaigns with other brands, it is all about engagement…so even if you list of followers is huge, if your engagement is pants, it doesn’t make you a very attractive proposition.

So if you really want to grow your following take some time to learn how to…

1. Optimise hashtags
2. Collaborate with others
3. Create super interesting content
4. Be consistent

Happy Instagramming!

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